National and international automated receivable management for small receivables

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Within the scope of the receivable management a large enterprise feels increasingly confronted with decreasing paying habits of there customers. Usually these receivables are handled by solicitors or collection enterprises to retreave these open claims/receivables.

A special difficulty lies within retrieving these small/little receivables, because in these cases the costs of the judicial assertion stands in no relation to the proceeds being achieved. Generally as a rule these small receivables/claims are being written off by the enterprises, after achieving the highest reminder/admonition.

Another issues are the geographical distances between certain creditors and debtors. Either enterprises move premises or through the globalization various enterprises are confronted with receivables abroad. Due to different languages, judicial systems and varying enforcement systems this presents consireable problems and therefore enterprises write off these receivables.

For this reason Encashment-Services provides through there platform way of finding local collectors who then can retreave the open receivables/claims. This of course is a huge advantage for the debtees/creditors. But also concerning local receivables/claims the success quota increases through the geographical nearness. The concept of encashment-services is to provide enterprises with a cheap and easy solution to be able to retreave open receivables/claims, by entering there receivables on our platform.

The anonymous data will be made visible through the platform for solicitors and collection enterprises.

The aim is to provide a nearly paperless way to mediate enterprises with local debt collectors.

The status of the mandate will be visible on the platform for the creditor, so he is always up to date.

Further a automated check of the open receivables/claims will be made in a case of a complicated one.

Encashment-services pursues the purpose that debtors of small receivables/claims will successfully pay there debt through the influence of local debt collectors and therefore decrease the open receivables/claims, which present a loss for enterprises.

To achieve this for the debtor/creditor Encashment-services provide this free solution through there confidential platform.

With pleasure we introduce our concept to u personally.

Yours sincerely,
Encashment Services Team